Claudy Custom Woodcrafters

'When the Details Count" 

Work In Progress

Project: Grand Mahogany Entryway in Westminster, Maryland

Dimensions: 14' 8" wide by 106" tall opening

Design: Insulated Double Paned Etched Glass Side Panels, Five Foot Arched Transom with Double Paned Etched Glass and Eight Foot Double Raised Panel Sapele Mahogany with Six Window Inserts Doors.  

Estimated Hours For Completions: 400 hours

Left: Glass layout for size and proportion.


Below Left: Nadine's Overlook in Progress


Below: David hand chiseling the solid brass hinge mortise.

Left: Original rough front door opening.


Middle Left: Four foot door leaf during gluing stage.


Lower Left: David edge joints a board to make it square and straight.


Below Right: Planed mahogany boards awaiting wide belt sander.  Jointing, planing and sanding can take up to 8 hours per batch.