Claudy Custom Woodcrafters

Add beauty to any room with custom stile and rail doors. These solid wood doors and door frames are not made of composite wood cores or veneers.  They are hand crafted from the finest woods and assembled in floating panels to allow for natural expansion and contraction. This attention to detail and  quality shows in the depth of the finish and the durability of the doors over the decades. Custom doors are available in all wood varieties and finishes.

Shaper cutter carves away the stile and rail for a perfect fit.  

Spalted  Wormy Red Oak

Two raised panel door with natural knotting and imperfections in the wood grain preserved.  Client wanted to  maintain historic reproduction quality.  Look below at the source wood slab that these doors were created from. It takes approximately 30 hours to transform the rough wood into a finished door.

Eight coordinating 1 3/8" pre-hung doors and frames for renovated historic 1800's home in  West Virginia. 
Check out our Work in Progress Page for the Grand Mahogany Entrance Doors...

Full Jam Door Casings to finish the door frames once installed.

Each raised panel door is individually assembled and dried for 12 hours.